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"My husband, Coach Cook (KWRealty) and I have been going to Dental Pros of Tampa since 2004. They are really great! Their aim is to keep us healthy and we can tell they care! We highly recommend this dental practice! Our dream is to retire on St Pete Beach. When we do, we will make the trip to Odessa for our dental care. They're worth the trip!" Kathleen C. (05/17/2016)

"Once again Dr. Greenberg has met and exceeded my high expectations. A permanent front crown that matches my natural teeth to my complete satisfaction. I want to thank you for letting me be myself, again." Ron K. (05/07/2016)

"Dr.Greenberg and Dr.Friebaum are very professional, but yet maintain a patient friendly atmosphere in their practice. They are very accommodating when a dental emergency arises. You are also given treatment options, so that you feel your preferences are considered. "Ruth R. (04/25/2016)

"I trust Dr. Greenberg with all of my dental work. He is concerned about the outcome of the patient and he will do only the work necessary, He strives to minimize discomfort and maximize outcome. I had a lot of erosions at the base of my teeth and now all my teeth look great after Dr. Greenberg made sure the color and appearance of my teeth are uniform and natural. Also, although I thought I had to remove my wisdom teeth, Dr. Greenberg adjusted the teeth that were an issue instead of removing them...way less invasive than I originally expected based on the suggestion from another dental office. I am glad I finally found the right dentist!" Anamaria G. (11/20/2015)

"I moved to Tampa recently and started using Dental Pros of Tampa. I found my experience to be very good. I had no problems getting an appointment at a convenient time. They also worked with me and my insurance company so I knew exactly what my cost would be for my dental work and I feel they did a very good job on my recent crown."Joan W. (10/09/2015)

"Dr.Greenberg and Friebaum are awesome people and professionals.I hadn't been to the dentist for years and was terrified that it was too late for me.They are compassionate people and literally saved my teeth and smile.I have been going there since 1999,and also my children.They don't sell you anything you don't need.People of integrity and honesty. A rare quality in this world! I recommend them both very highly!They do not disappoint. Their staff is the best also! God bless them! We love you!" Mary M. (7/13/2015)

"Have been working with Dr. Greenberg for over 1 year. Had some issues, redo Root Canal (other provider ), replace crown(s) and tooth just not willing to be repaired. I have been impressed with his compassion to situations and ability to keep pain to a minimum. Regardless of problem, I have utmost confidence in Dr. and have never second guessed my change of provider." Charles R. (7/01/2015)

"In the 18 years I have been a patient, this practice has always been available, professionally competent and friendly. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a place "where chomping is a pleasure." Adrianne S. (5/29/2015)

"I went in because i was in lots of pain. I was terrified. I really don't like going to the dentist, but the staff was awesome-especially Alyssa. Dr. Greenberg explained everything without overwhelming me and made everything seem easy." Carrie A. (4/6/2015)

"My wife and I have been patients of Dental Pros for 25 years and have had the greatest care. Would not consider going anywhere else!" Scott P. (10/29/2014)

"We moved to Tampa at the end of 1995 and shortly thereafter started as patients to Dr Greenberg and Dr Freibaum. Over the years my wife and I have been very well treated for everything from normal maintenance like cleaning, flouride treatments etc., to fillings, caps and bridges. Having very sensitive teeth and being extremely averse to pain is primary reason for highly recommending the Greenberg-Freibaum practice. If you want good dentistry with a minimum of pain you found a home." Jack H. (6/20/2014)

"IHands down the most pleasent dental experience I have ever received ! I'm a big baby when it comes to my teeth and had to get 5 fillings! It was completely painless, I was comfortable the whole time , and the staff was very helpful, kind, and caring. I highly reccomend receiving any dental treatment from this group!" - Anthony E. (5/22/2014)

"I am a professional temporary dental hygienist. I work in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota counties. I have had temporary assignments as a dental hygienist in 100's of dental practices in all 4 counties since 1990's. I don't often recommend any dental practices, however I must give this office a recommendation. This practice is one of the best that I have ever worked in. The patients are nice, because the dentists are nice and calm. There is no hard sell, rushing of dental treatment, or demands placed on patients. Several patients have stated to me that the dentist "never hurts me". I have personally observed the dentists LISTENING to the patients' WANTS and NEEDS. Yes there is a difference. Not to mention the information this office shares with their patients. There is no hidden agenda and patients questions are answered. Additionally, today I witnessed Dr. Greenberg recommending treatment to a patient, then telling her he could do the procedure or send her to a specialist if it would make her more comfortable. Statements like that are not often made in dentistry. And I know Dr. Greenberg is highly experienced and qualified with the procedure that he recommended. He did not have to offer her a 2nd opinion or referral. This dental office is very interested in caring for their patients overall health. I highly recommend this dental practice to my FBF&F in the Tampa Bay area, it would be worth the drive. Seriously." C. Lynn G. RDH. (3/10/2014)

"No unnecessary procedures only professionalism friendliness and courtesy. I recommend Dr. Ken and Dr. Nancy without reservation. " - Ronald K. (2/22/2014)

"I had a crown re-attached & repaired today by Dr Greenberg, & am amazed at how well the outcome was. Dr Greenberg made sure I had no pain & explained everything as he did the work. THUMBS UP for Dr Greenberg & staff." - Gene D. (1/10/2014)

"The entire staff at Greenberg and Freibaum is wonderful. Not only are they highly professional; they are kind and thoughful. I actually walk out of my dentist appointments with a smile on my face and happy!" - Kathy H. (12/04/2013)

"I've been a patient of Dr. Greenberg's since 1986. He is awesome. Very compassionate, will make time for you no matter what, especially if you are in pain. Out of 5 stars, he is a 6. Wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else." - Joanne S.

"I was very lucky to find Dr Greennberg & Dr Freibaum, that was 1999. All our visits are painless, great job!" - Ed. C

"My neighbor recommended Dr. Greenberg and I am so glad she did. I was having multiple issues and was terrified of the dentist due to prior less than pleasant experiences at a dental chain. Dr. Greenberg was thorough, honest, very caring and entertaining. Five stars to Julie in his office as well. The two make a great team! " - Rhonda. C

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Freibaum since 2010. My kids felt really comfortable there during their first visit which in turn made us very comfortable. Everyone is professional and honest. We would refer them to anyone without any hesitation. I am glad we found them." - Daryl G.

" My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Freibaum for many, many years. My husband was diabetic and had severe periodontal problems which Dr. Greenberg treated very successfully. Had it not been for Dr. Greenberg's individual attention and treatments, I'm not sure what he would have done. He is a perfectionist and will not stop until it is done "right". I have seen Dr. Freibaum for years as well. She is very thorough. For example, my last exam she suggested I have a crown put on a tooth that had previously had a root canal. To her, it looked as if it was becoming brittle and would possibly break in the near future. Sure, enough, about 1 1/2 months later, the tooth broke and I had to have the crown. They are very compassionate and are always concerned about your pain level. "Are you okay?" is repeated several times during each treatment. Every time we have ever had a problem, even on their days off, if you call and leave a message, they are willing to call you back and make arrangements to take care of the situation or make a suggestion as to what to do. I know this is long, but I want to share one other thing. My daughter was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of years ago. She was not a patient of Dr. Greenberg or Dr. Freibaum. She started having problems with her wisdom teeth and needed immediate attention. All it took was a phone call. Dr. Greenberg took her in that day and did the necessary work. She was so sick - and he was so patient with her. I will forever be grateful for their compassion and kindness to her. Would I recommend them for your dental needs? 100% guaranteed! - Jeanie L.

Debbie wrote on Facebook: "Love Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Nancy Freibaum"

"I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for over 20 years, he has been very professional and the work has been awesome. My smile has never been better. The staff is very friendly and are always concerned for each customer. I would say this is the best dental team in the area." - Russell H.

"Hi Dr. Ken! You are a life saver. I was in so much pain and had not slept for a couple of days and you came in after regular hours to help me. Thank you so much. Returned to work today like nothing was even wrong. Still a little tender but overall great! Tell Dr. Nancy thanks also Forever grateful." - Shannon S.

"I have been seeing Dr. Greenberg for about 20 years. I moved to the other side of town about 15 years ago but continue to drive to see him. I could not be happier with the care I receive from Dr. Greenberg and staff." - Patsy P.


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