Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Odessa, FL

Oral surgery is an important part of dentistry. Oral surgery procedures can help you and your smile by removing diseased or damaged teeth. It's also an important part of orthodontic treatment, because teeth may need to be removed to move your remaining teeth into place.

Types of oral surgery
Oral surgery types include:

Wisdom teeth removal
Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. These may not erupt fully, or they may not erupt at all. They may be fully impacted in bone. In any case, most people don't have room for a third set of molars. If the wisdom teeth do erupt, they are often too far back to be easily cleanable, resulting in decay and disease. Typically, the best time to remove wisdom teeth is when you are 16 to 25 years old.

Extractions are necessary for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is severe tooth decay or tooth damage. If a tooth can't be repaired with a filling or a dental crown, tooth removal is a necessary choice. Extractions are also performed because a tooth has lost support due to periodontal disease. If a tooth is loose, it often needs to be removed. Extractions may be necessary for orthodontic treatment, to give you the best chance for a straight, beautiful smile.

Bone grafting
Bone grafting may be necessary for the placement of dental implants. Years of denture wear can cause you to lose bone from the pressure of the denture. You must have sufficient bone for the placement of dental implants. Bone grafting may be necessary to create more bone for support.

Dental implants
Dental implants are fast becoming the most popular form of tooth replacement. They are implanted in your jaw during a simple oral surgery procedure. Bone forms and fills in around the implants, anchoring them in place. After the area has healed completely, dental implant crowns are placed over the dental implants, and you have a permanent new addition to your smile.

Oral surgery can help you have a healthier smile. To find out more about oral surgery and how it can help your smile, call Dr. Kenneth Greenberg and Dr. Nancy Freibaum at Dental Pros of Tampa, in Odessa, FL. You can reach them at (813) 920-6608, so call now!

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