Bruxism is a common condition that refers to chronic grinding or clenching of the teeth. It affects many people, can occur throughout the day or while sleeping. Bruxism is a typical physical response to stress, digestive conditions, anxiety, and the intake of certain drugs. Although bruxism is quite common, most people are not aware of its signs and symptoms, the impact it can have on one’s health, or even if they ‘re afflicted by it.

Bruxism can have a detrimental effect of the teeth, gums and jaw; which may result in many myofascial issues. It’s a leading cause of TMJ disorder, chronic headaches, migraines and even arthritis. Enamel cracking, discoloration and chipping are typical in patients who are affected by bruxism. It can even result in tooth loss and gum recession. That is why it’s essential to address and treat bruxism if you suspect you have it.

Once bruxism has been diagnosed by the doctor, it can be treated in numerous ways. The most common treatment of bruxism is in the utilization of a night guard or dental splint. These appliances work by creating a barrier, which protects the surface of the teeth, stabilizes the jaw and prevents the grinding action. Reducing stress, minimizing intake of caffeine and alcohol, and quitting smoking can all have a positive impact on controlling and eliminating bruxism.

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